Game of Thrones could be getting a new online multiplayer game from Korean video game publisher Nexon, if reports are to be believed.

George R.R. Martin’s creation has seen many video games released in recent years, with plenty of mobile games and an ill-fated console game. An episodic, story-based, gap-filler from Telltale is likely the most prominent. Even this was met with a tepid response upon release in 2014. Elden Ring had involvement from the Game of Thrones creator as well — although not a GoT game, of course.

Reports claim that the new massively multiplayer online game will be set in the North of Westeros, with likely locations being Winterfell and The Wall with the potential of ‘other kingdoms’ available to players as well.

It’s claimed that the game will take place in the world of the TV show (as opposed to the books) and players will meet characters from the TV show. Unfortunately, the show’s stars are unlikely to appear.

The fantasy world of Westeros and the kingdoms of Game of Thrones would be perfect for an MMO RPG. Hopefully, we’ll see this game materialise sooner rather than later.

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