E3 will finally make its return after three years of disruption due to the pandemic. One of the years, it was help online but it didn’t quite have the same effect as they hoped. Are gamers and big games companies still excited about E3 or has the pandemic ruined its time after many years of not having the event?

When is the event?

E3 is returning in 2023 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from 13-16th June. Two of the days, from Tuesday to Thursday are industry and press only events while the Thursday overlapping the industry event and Friday are open to the public for gaming.

Before 2017, E3 was an industry-only event to show of the latest and greatest gaming consoles and games etc, however, they opened the show to games giving them a first look at the new titles and consoles being launched by everyone in the industry.

E3’s Memorable Moments

Over the years, E3 has held some of the most memorable game and hardware announcements ever.

Huge games such as, Resident Evil 7, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Half-life 2 were all showcased for the first time at E3, making it the best place to be for big-game announcements.

In 2006, Microsoft’s Peter Moore revealed a tattoo he got to confirm the Grand Theft Auto IV franchise was coming to Xbox. Sony in 2013 also made a huge announcement that the PlayStation 4 was coming too.

Can E3 make a comeback?

After three years of not having E3, gamers are wondering if it can rekindle its magic and reclaim its epic title of being the biggest game show in the world. Its very unlikely that there will be any massive hardware announcements as only recently have Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all brought out new consoles. Gamers can hope only for variations of the models but realistically won’t be the case. Although, rumours say that Microsoft is working on a new streaming device for Xbox Cloud Gaming…

So, without any major hardware announcements to be made, our heads al turn to major games announcements to make this event one to remember after three years without it. With footage being leaked of Grand Theft Auto 6 this month, many gamers are anticipating an announcement of the new game. Could Rockstar be the one to save the event or will there be no announcements that people are wanting?

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