Steve Albini, the legendary musician and producer, has died at age 61. Albini was known for working with acts like Nirvana, PJ Harvey, and The Pixies.

A larger-than-life influence on the indie music scene in the United States and beyond, Albini also wrote and recorded his own music with bands like Shellac and Big Black.

Albini was the mastermind producer behind Nirvana’s 5 million-selling ‘In Utero’ album. Singer and songwriter Kurt Cobain requested to work with Albini as the producer after being impressed with his work with other bands following the success of the band’s ‘Nevermind’ album.

Steve Albini will be remembered fondly by fans and musicians alike. He ran his own studio in Chicago, USA and had been preparing for a new Shellac album as well as a UK tour.

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