A new ‘Robin of Sherwood’ audiobook and novelisation has been announced ahead of the 40th anniversary of the cult TV series. ‘Robin of Sherwood: Tales Untold’ is a collaboration between Oak Tree Books, Chinbeard Books and AUK Studios, resulting in six new stories from Sherwood Forrest and its characters.

‘Robin of Sherwood: Tales Untold’ is an anthology that shines a light on some of the series’ stand-out side characters and features stories set after the conclusion of important episodes from the TV show as well as concurrent storylines.

Writer Jennifer Ash returns to the series once again, with new narratives in the style of Richard Carpenter. The audiobook welcomes Daniel Peacock (Sergeant Sparrow), Robert Daws (Hubert de Giscard), Claire Parker (Elana Scathlock), and Oliver Tobias (Bertrand de Nivelle) back to the ‘Robin of Sherwood’ world. All original actors from the show, they appear alongside Conrad Westmaas, Philip Pope, and Barnaby Eaton-Jones. Terry Molloy also returns to the series, reprising his take on the Old Prisoner (and Arthur).

‘Robin of Sherwood: Tales Untold’ launches on May 2nd. Fans can pre-order an exclusive CD & book bundle here.

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