Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is set to star in a brand new, officially licensed, graphic novel. ‘The Smell of Death’ brings back the popular Doctor Who supporting character in a new adventure set to be published by Chinbeard Books and Oak Tree Books.

The Brigadier will be a name familiar to Doctor Who fans having first appeared alongside X’s Doctor in X and continuing to be referenced by the BBC sci-fi series to this day. ‘The Smell of Death’ sees The Brigadier infiltrating a film production being run by aliens intent on taking over the world. To succeed, Lethbridge-Stewart will partner up with the film’s star, actor Jon Pertwee.

Written by Barnaby Eaton-Jones and illustrated by Miguel Guzman, ‘The Smell of Death’ graphic novel is available to pre-order via the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. Fans are able to back the project by pre-ordering the book, alongside a host of other perks. They can even find themselves drawn into the story if they so wish!

Chinbeard Books and Oak Tree Books are no strangers to high-quality graphic novels, having published the award-winning ‘Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Look-In Comics’.

‘The Smell of Death’ is set to be published some time in 2024.

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