Photography Paul Stevenson. Via Flickr

Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit will be the focus of a new documentary, shining a spotlight on the legacy of the band’s late frontman Scott Hutchison.

Announced via Frightened Rabbit’s social media accounts this week, the band said that they hoped the film would be “a real, honest and true representation of the band over the years.” The band was dissolved in 2018 following the death of singer/songwriter and guitar player Scott Hutchison in 2018.

Frightened Rabbit had initially been in discussions with filmmaker William Maker to create a documentary to mark the 10th anniversary of the band’s breakout album ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’. Plans were abandoned following Scott Hutchison’s death.

The band has now asked fans and friends of the band to contribute photographs and videos they have to the film, noting that they want the film to ‘feel like it’s from the band’s community’ and stating that the documentary “will honour the enduring legacy of Scott and Frightened Rabbit and what both those things mean to people now and then.”

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