Image courtesy of altairayon via Pixabay

Sony is increasingly confident in being able to move more PlayStation 5 consoles than ever this year, and it’s all thanks to Spider-Man 2 and an increased availability of consoles.

The Japanese technology giant is anticipating “record-breaking” sales for the console. In an interview with CNBC (per IGN), PlayStation executive Eric Lempel has claimed that Sony is on track to match its target of 25 million PlayStation 5 units shipped by the end of 2023. Such a figure was seen as incredibly ambitious, even more so when you consider this achievement would represent the best year for any console in PlayStation’s storied history.

Acknowledging the supply chain issues that plagued the launch window of the PlayStation 5, Lempel said: “This holiday season is the first holiday season we will be fully stocked on PlayStation 5 in every geography.”

Despite issues with getting the console to as many consumers as they’d have liked, the PlayStation 5 has sold 40 million units since launching in November 2020. The company is also due to launch the PlayStation 5 slim (which could launch later this year, per reports) and the PlayStation Portal, which is slated for release in November 2023.

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