‘Children of the Circus’ — the audio musical sequel to Doctor Who’s ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ — has received an official novelisation from the show’s writer Kenton Hall.

Published by Oak Tree Books and Chinbeard Books, ‘Children of the Circus’ follows Bellboy as he searches for Flowerchild; asking whether his lost love is truly gone forever. Like the audio play, ‘Children of the Circus’ is written to remain faithful to the Doctor Who canon whilst expanding the possibilities of the world created by writer Stephen Wyatt 35 years ago.

A sequel of sorts to ‘The Greatest Show in The Galaxy’, a favourite story amongst the Doctor Who fandom, Kenton Hall’s writing expands on this unique corner of the Doctor Who universe. ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’ was first broadcast between December 14th 1988 and January 4th 1989 and starred Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor and Sophie Aldred as his companion Ace.

The concept for ‘Children of the Circus’ was imagined by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, before being written by Kenton Hall. The musical (now available as a limited edition 2x CD set) stars Christopher Guard (as Bellboy) and Dee Sadler (as Flowerchild) alongside the rest of the living cast of ‘The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’, including Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and features music from pop icon Toyah Wilcox.

The novelisation of Children of the Circus is available now in paperback from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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