The Monty Mole Collection is now available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. Published by Pixel Games UK and developed by Imagine Software, the collection features five classic games including Wanted! Monty Mole and Moley Christmas. The collection is available now to players in the USA, with a worldwide release coming in early 2024.

Originally released on the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum, Monty Mole has quite the cult following amongst gamers of a certain vintage. The Monty Mole Collection marks the first time these games have been made available on Nintendo’s console and allows players to relive these classics once again, perhaps sharing them with a new generation too.

The Monty Mole Collection includes five games — four Monty Mole titles and the bonus of Sam Stoat: Safebeaker — in both their Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum variants. The collection also includes alternative difficulty modes, display filters, suspend points and the ability to rewind gameplay. The games included in the collection are:

  • Wanted! Monty Mole (1984)
  • Monty on the Run (1985)
  • Auf Weidershen Monty (1987)
  • Moley Christmas (1987)
  • Sam Stoat: Safebreaker (1985)

The Monty Mole Collection is the second retro rerelease of 2023 for UK-based publisher Pixel Games UK, who have previously released Hidden Gems: Volume One — a collection of classic Commodore 64 games including Horace Goes Skiing and Gilligan’s Gold.

The Monty Mole Collection is available now to Nintendo Switch players in the USA, with a worldwide release coming in 2024.

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