Nintendo has released a firmware update (version 17.0.0) for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s had an effect on the list of words and phrases ‘banned’ by the system.

Released earlier this week, the update provides “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”. You can view the patch notes on Nintendo’s support website.

However (per VGC), prominent data miner OatmealDome has provided further context to the otherwise run-of-the-mill update. “17.0.0 made some changes to the bad words lists,” they said. For example “thot” and “reeee” have been banned in all languages, whilst instances of “censor evading” slang for the word “testicles” in Japanese have also been banned by Nintendo.

In August 2023 Nintendo announced that the global lifetime sales of the Switch stood at 129.53 million units.

More recently, sources have claimed that Nintendo is set to release the Switch 2 in the second half of 2024 (per VGC). The Japanese console manufacturer has reportedly shown off tech demos for the console to developers in recent months.

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