Onrush, an arcade, combat-focused racing game that was originally launched in 2018 is shutting down its online multiplayer servers.

When Electronic Arts, better known as EA acquired Codemasters, not only did its upcoming projects move to their umbrella but previous projects were too, with Onrush being one of the active multiplayer titles naturally EA took this over. Over time the number of players has slowly plummeted and therefore EA have decided that keeping Onrush’s multiplayer servers live is more trouble than its worth.

According to EA, Onrush has been given enough time to try and find its place in the gaming world, however failed to do so as time went on. It no longer has enough players to keep its servers up and running- its multiplayer function will not be available from 30th November 2022.

It is possible that Onrush doesn’t have the player base in 2022 because it only launched on two platforms- Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – and although these are still extremely popular it wasn’t given the chance to branch out to other platforms that could have given it the recognition it needed to remain open. It was even inaccessible on Xbox for a small period of time due to a security exploit and they had to remove it from sales until it was resolved.

Recently, Codemasters in conjunction with Criterion, has started developing Need for Speed which has rumoured to be a be a bold new entry for the series. Gamers seem to be intrigued in what Codemasters have been working on with Need for Speed which is set to be released October 6th 2022.

So, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal for Codemasters shutting down Onrush online servers, but let’s hope they have learned their lesson for its newer projects. We look forward to see what they have in store for us and Need for Speed should be a massive step in the right direction.

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