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On 30th September 2022, PreSonus announced a global launch of Studio One™ 6 – the latest version of the music production software for MacOS and Windows.

Studio One™ 6 is one of the best-selling audio workstations across the world and this new version will feature industry-leading innovations, mixing improvements and the most advanced interface customisation options we have ever seen. With everything you need to record, produce, mix, master and perform in one application it will be one of the best software’s for all rounded production.

Studio One™ 6 features:

  • Smart Templates: A way for you to start recording and producing immediately by preconfiguring tracks and channels with a customised interface and automatic downloads of the content you need. Provides essential tool sets for different tasks such as basic recording, beat making, mixing, mastering and setting up for a live performance. It includes a convenient drone zone that easily imports the content you need alongside tutorials/instructions that might help you along the way.
  • Customisation Editor: An easy way of creating your interface in the best way for you. You can show and hide specific tools and functions you need for your project.
  • Lyrics Support: Lyrics can now be added to scores, MIDI productions, audio sessions and live performances. A quick way of navigating your lyrics and how they sit with the music, it can be attached word by word or by syllable- whichever way is most comfortable for you.
  • PreSonus Sphere Collaboration: Studio One™ 6 allows you to integrate with PreSonus Sphere which allows you to use built-in sync options, workspaces and convenient sharing options. Allows the user to explore and install exclusive PreSonus Sphere content.
  • New Plugins: Studio One™ 6 has come with new and improved plugins such as a new De-Esser which allows you to tame vocal sibilance and high-frequency sounds and a new Vocoder that turns a voice or audio source into a unique synth or effect. There’s also been some improvements to some original plugins like Pro EQ, Autofilter, Mai Tai, Sample One XT and Presence XT.

Arnd Kaiser, Software General Manager for PreSonus said “In this latest iteration, the team stayed focused on listening to loyal users’ needs, creating innovative solutions to boost productivity in the professional audio production space. We want everyone to feel supported and inspired to build their best work yet.”

Over the past 12 years, Studio One™ has evolved and improved its unique features and fast workflow, that its now established itself as a major workstation in the audio production community. They constantly are trying to push its boundaries and make itself the first one to make huge improvements in the software. It is available in both Perpetual and part as the PreSonus Sphere subscription giving you every upgrade for free – costs compare as $399.95 for the USD for professional or $14.95/month or $164.95 annually for the subscription.

At the Goss, we are looking forward to seeing what Studio One™ 6 has in store for its users’ and the freedom it gives you in its creations.

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