With the anticipation of the next addition to PlayStation’s VR family around the corner, I have resorted to playing Resident Evil 7 again. Still no braver though armed with the power of hindsight, the excitement of the new features will aim to bring a more immersive experience to the already impressive VR tech currently available.

Not just the headset but also a newly designed controller named the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller. The hardware comes with many new features from front embedded cameras, see-through view, customisable play area set up, haptic feedback, broadcast features, and many more.


Starting with the front cameras, all four of them, you can use these to map out the room that you play in to set up a perimeter in which to game, this can warn you when stepping outside of the area as well as calibrate the play zone. Meaning no need for an external camera anymore. Furthermore, the cameras can be used for a see-through view to add the option of being able to switch between seeing your room or the game content while wearing the headset.

Sony has the players and immersion in their games at the centre of their design with the inclusion of haptic feedback not only in the headset but also in their completely redesigned controllers. With new games being developed exclusively for the VR2, we’re sure to find out more about how the haptics will be integrated into the gameplay and player’s experience. I’m personally curious to feel how the haptics will be used while dying in Resident Evil Village. I’m not masochistic, I’m just not great at it.

From Resident Evil to Resolution, VR2 will offer 2 modes; VR or Cinematic mode. VR mode allows a “360 view in a virtual environment” at 4000 x 2400 HDR with a 90/120Hz frame rate. Whereas Cinematic mode allows players to view non-VR games on a virtual screen at 1920×1080 HDR with 24/60Hz and an added option of potential 120Hz too.

In addition to these improvements on the eyes, there is another treat to be had with eye tracking features. This is said to track the movements of where the player is focusing and allow the areas outside of this to have a soft blur added to make the games feel more synonymous with how our eyes see instead of everything being in full focus. Combine this with the 3D audio and the haptics and you have yourself the potential for a fully immersive gaming experience.

Sense Controller

This Sense technology doesn’t stop with the headset as the goal for heightened sensory experience continues with the new Sense controllers. A new orb design closer to that of PC VR controllers with analog sticks and buttons, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, precision tracking, and a finger touch detection feature that allows the Sense controller to “replicate natural motions and gestures, letting you reach out and touch the virtual world”. This ergonomic design seems a milestone improvement to the wands or controller restrictions.

Release Date

With no release date currently confirmed it is predicted that in 2023 we shall be able to get our hands on the new tech. So, I’ll start saving now as the predicted price would be around £399 (although the recent increase in the console price, might also mean that the headset and controller prices might increase too).


With current games in development from Horizon Call of the MountainNo Man Sky VR2The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: RetributionFirewall Ultra, Dameo, and many more. Will this console VR system stand tall against the PC giants, and will Microsoft follow in their footsteps? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  1. What an uplifting interview. So sad that Norman isn’t able to act anymore but it’s wonderful that he has found…

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