Sony Pro is updating its studio-grade headphones by revealing the MDR-MV1 which is claimed to be specifically for “professional sound engineers and music creators” in the rapid rise of spatial audio (a way of creating sound 360 degrees around the listener).

The headphones support an open-back design which allows them to accurately replicate sound for a “wide frequency range.” Sony claims that this makes the MDR-MV1 a solid option for producers that are “mixing and mastering immersive spatial audio as well as stereo sound with hi-resolution capability.”

Although the target audience for these headphones are people within studio production, the output it produces will most definitely appeal to non-professionals too, as its open-back design reduces internally reflected sounds to ensure a rich output. As a result of its open-back structure, the MDR-MV1 does not have active noise cancellation due to the outside world noise leaking in from the rear of the headphones.

Its wide frequency range reaches far beyond normal human hearing, making out at 80kHz, which Sony claims to be another feature for sound engineers to notice “detailed changes in sound.”

However, apart from its impressive audio output, the MDR-MV1s are a straightforward set of headphones. Its other features include lightweight, fitted earmuffs to increase comfort and a detachable 6.3mm stereo plug with an adapter to change the cable into a 3.5mm stereo mini jack.

The MDR-MV1 launches later this month but are currently available for pre-order.

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