One of the world’s biggest video game events – E3 – has been cancelled this year. The show usually takes place every year in Los Angeles, United States where game developers and publishers Such as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony would come together to show off their new creations. E3 hasn’t had an event since 2021 which was digital-only due to the covid pandemic across the world, but previously would run every year in person with the last in-person event being in 2019.

2019 E3 Event

The official organisers of E3, ReedPop have announced that themselves and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) will be re-evaluating the future of the event. This announcement has led many people to believe that the event could be cancelled indefinitely.

The first ever E3 event was in May 1995 and had an amazing 40,00 people attend, however,  this was when it was only journalists and those who worked in the gaming industry could attend. In 2017, the public could attend the event for the first time and gamers loved it.

Will we be seeing a return for E3 or is this the end of the line for the event?